Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Zune Van Winkle

Well, I was going to load up my Zune with the corrected files I've fixed so far so I could have some tunes for tonight if the kiddos fall asleep early. Unfortunately, Microsoft missed something when they created the Zune 30g. An ugly 'leap-year' bug has frozen everyone's Zune who bought one in 2006. All you see is the lighted Zune logo on the screen. How do I know this? I asked uncle Google.

But, just as quickly as everyone began complaining this morning, Microsoft gave us a fix! Hooray!!

Wanna know what the quick and easy fix is?

...... wait until tomorrow at noon. Yup. That's it. Old Zunie is fast asleep for a while. According to the makers, the internal clock will reset itself. All I have to do is make sure the battery drains, recharge it, then turn it back on.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that this little 'fix' is really just a ploy to buy more time for the techs to create a REAL fix?


What else?

What else has been going on with me you ask? Even if you didn't ask, here's the answer.

On Sunday, I took Maverick to the vet because on Saturday he looked like he had pink eye. I gave it a day to clear up, but it looked worse - so off we went. He got some eye drops that I have to give him for the next two weeks, but he looks better already. I'm glad he's not pawing at his eyes because he'd look pretty silly in a cone.

Also, I'm pretty low-key about my break, so I've been taking time to fix my mp3s from the great Zune scramble of '08. During one of the software 'updates' all my music got messed up. I had Third Day singing Sk8er Boi on the Best of Perry Como album. Nice eh? I have nearly 4,000 mp3s in my collection. I'm going through them one album at a time and re-entering all the proper information. I'd say I've fixed about 20% so far.

I've also been spending a bit more time with my guitar, so my fingers are getting all peely again. I'm attempting to add some lyrics to a chord progression that I put together a while ago. AKA writing a song. PS- I thought it would be artsy fartsy of me to have a name for my guitar, so suggestions are welcome.

I've started reading John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. Haven't gotten too far, but I'm enjoying it. I guess I didn't realize it's written like an allogory. I like allogories. It was supposed to be my goal to finish it before school started up again, but we'll see. It's a big book.

I am now onto the 5th and final season of Quamtum Leap. They re-recorded the opening theme song for this season and it sounds really stupid. What were they thinking?!

Mike Lynch has been dog sitting for the past week for some folks in my neighborhood so I've gone over there a few times to kick some butt at TimeSplitters. Actually, I didn't play the video games as much as I watched. It was a nice mix up of my daily routine of doing nothing.

Oh, and the other night Jami came by and helped me play some games on my computer. It was jolly good fun and now I'm addicted to Diner Dash. Good thing it's only a free trial and will eventually stop working.

So as you can see, my 'break' wasn't just a break from school. It was more like a break from reality and responsibilty. I'm gonna hate to see it go.

Tonight I will be babysitting for a friend as I ring in the new year. I think it's gonna be a blast, I've never spent New Years Eve with youngsters. Bring it on!

And in case I don't see ya.... Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bless Your Beautiful Hide

This was a much happier ride to Seattle than the last one. For one, we weren't all hungry. And for two, there wasn't any reason to worry about the roads since the rain came through and washed away the snow.

We got there with plenty of time to grab our tickets and a snack before settling in our seats. John snapped this quick photo which held up the line for a moment.

Mom and I watched as the rows in front of us started to fill up and we feared someone with large hair or a long neck would sit in front of us. Eventually, the two seats in front of us were pretty much the only open ones left in our section. We watched a this really tall couple pointed down our row and started our way. We lost all hope. Suddenly, they stopped in front of another couple and flashed their tickets saying "I believe these are our seats." After some shuffling, the tall couple was not going to be in front of us. The lights went down and to my delight no one ever filled those seats! Although, I did take a moment to have some pity on the folks who might have been sitting there. You never know why they didn't make it.

The set workings were awesome! Here's a shot of the opening scene before the lights went down. I didn't want to infringe on any rights so I didn't take any photos of the play. It was a really entertaining show, but it just didn't do everything for me that the movie does. In the play, my favorite brother was Frank. I guess I was a bit sad that the kid who played Gideon didn't steal my heart like Russ Tamblin does. I did enjoy how some of the lines were played more for humor than they are in the film and it was really great enjoying those moments with a TON of people.

I think I'll go watch the movie now. I got it on DVD [widescreen] for Christmas!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

That was a riotous ride!
The two seats right in front of me are totally empty!

Random Scrap of Paper

While organizing my sheet music and guitar books, I found this random index card with this poem scratched on it:

There once was a eunuch from Munich
So cold he wore a blue tunic
He looked like a clown
as he rode into town
'Cause he forgot his blue tunic in Munich
Clever ey?

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's almost Christmas

The time sure can fly by, eh? I seem to still be stuck on a dry spell as far as my blog is concerned. Sorry about that - for my daily readers ;) Even now I have no idea what to write. I'm super happy to be on break from school. I was excited to go see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the 5th Avenue in Seattle last Thursday, but the weather bit hard. It took two hours to get to Sumner, which usually takes about 20 minutes or so. Thankfully we were able to get re-seated for another showing next Saturday.

Hmm.... what else... I helped Mikey create some gifts for his family. That was fun. Only two days left on my Photoshop Trial. /sniff sniff What will I do without you, Photoshop!?

Oh yeah, I've been stuck on a Quantum Leap kick. I'm on Season Four right now. Sam and Al are quite the team. I look forward to seeing what sort of crazy outfit Al will be wearing from 'the future'. I've been wondering about which event in my life that Sam might leap into to try and change and why. It's sort of a fun game.

Well, I can't think of anything else right now and it is pretty late, so TTFN!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hair today...

Well, thank you for the overwhelming response to my hair dilemma. I didn't even know there were 12 people who read my blog. Apparently, you've all come out of the closest to voice your opinions on such an issue I thought was trivial. Perhaps I was wrong.

I feel silly writing such an update, but it seems the people want to know. I've decided to leave my hair how it is. You all seem to like it at a longer length, even though it drives me up the wall.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Photo Opp

There was some beautiful lighting coming through the front of the house this evening so I grabbed my camera and a plate of food and ended up with this shot. I also used some Photoshop skills to get the look I wanted.
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Inspired by Amber

This little photo edit job was inspired by Amber's post entitled Pulling the Plug. I took this photo a few years ago during a practice photo shoot with my good friend Candice. I jazzed it up a tad to appear as though we are lit by the glow of the t.v. You like?

When it comes to television, quite often I find myself being reminded of the old children's song....

"Oh be careful little eyes what you see
Oh be careful little ears what you hear
For the Father up above
Is looking down with love
Oh be careful little heart what you love"

Just the four of us.

Well, I thought I'd post a family photo. I took this on Thanksgiving, which was also my parent's anniversary. Thirty-two years. Way to go Ma & Pa! I love you guys - no matter how awkward I look in family photos!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Orange Crush

I'm totally gonna miss these guys! They were like my little siblings but without the fighting :)

**The following was added after Amber's comment asking for highlights of the season.***

I've been coaching youth soccer for the YMCA since 2006. This was my fifth season of teaching 3rd & 4th graders the game of soccer. I was pretty excited when I found out that I was getting back some of the players I thought I wouldn't be coaching again because they were too old. I love how each player has their own style and personality. They're at such a fun age.

We had two players who had never played soccer before, and we had players that were born with a ball at their feet. Having such a vast gap in skill levels creates quite a challenge when it comes to creating practices. I think Adrian and were able to find drills and games that fit all levels. We were able to add extra challenge for those players who could handle it, or keep it basic for those still new. It took some creative thinking, but I like creative thinking.

There were two players in particular who were a 'joy' to watch during games. They were just having so much FUN! It was contagious. When watching them, I'd find myself wearing a grin from ear to ear. They'd just be smiling away anytime the ball was near them. They'd try their hardest and regardless of whether they failed or succeeded, they enjoyed themselves. I never had to remind them that we were there to have fun.

It was especially sweet when one of the boys gave Adrian and I chocolates as a thank you for coaching, and one of the girls had made us each a bracelet. Another boy practically begged us to coach his basketball team during the winter season. I actually thought about it. Adrian and I played basketball together at Stahl Jr. High, and I thought it'd be pretty sweet if we ended up coaching together, too.

When I signed up to coach, I had no idea how much fun it could be and how these kids would impact me. I hope they know I think they're amazing. Maybe one day they'll look me up on FB.

A dance with Dwight & Micheal!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is my Bible | Part 1

Have you ever heard a preacher start a sermon by having the people repeat the following phrase?: "This is my Bible. I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do." I would venture to say that it is most famously used by Joel Osteen, but plenty of others have used it as well. Every so often, my church's Youth Pastor will start his message that way. I thought it would be a grand idea to see exactly what the Bible has to say about those things.

In this post, I analyze the first part - I am what it says I am. Many times in our lives (generally speaking) we ask ourselves "who am I?" and can feel overwhelmed and lost by that thought. I know this has been true for me. Sermons, messages, talks with friends, and our own ideas can give us various answers to this question. I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to do this particular study, but I finally decided I needed to go straight to my Creator for the proper answer.

I am
royalty. 1Pe 2:9
provided for. Luke 12:28
blessed. John 20:29
rich. 2 Co. 9:11
made in the image of God. Gen. 1:27
very good. Gen. 1:31
a ruler of all the earth. Gen. 1:26
crowned with glory and majesty. Ps. 8:3-6
redeemed. Eph. 2:1-9
God's workmanship. Eph. 2:10
God's daughter. Rom. 8:14-16
a co-heir with Christ. Rom. 8:17
more than a conqueror. Rom. 8:37
created for God. Col. 1:16
gifted. Rom. 12:6
part of the Body of Christ. 1 Co. 12:27
loved. John 3:16
Any item on this list can certainly be a study in it's own right, and a few of them I know I will have to meditate on and research more for further understanding.

I didn't exactly find these answers by reading along verse by verse, so this is an incomplete study. Please, if you have verses to add, you are more than welcome to leave them as comments.

This is only the starting point of who I am. I am also a traveler, a technology geek, and a thinker. But these parts of me are not defined in scripture. I want to know who I am individually as well as who I am in Christ. I struggle to find words that describe who I am. I believe that knowing who you are is a crucial step in being everything God has made you to be. If you, my readers, can think of a word or two that descibes who I am, I'd appreciate the info. And please, I'd love to hear your thoughts on who you are!
To every veteran, young and old, who's made my freedom possible,


You are not forgotten.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Enjoy the show...

Drive FREE, Retire RICH

It's come up that my car is getting old (she's 17) and may not last much longer. So I've been thinking about new car options. Currently my income is .... zilch. Makes it tough to find a car payment in that. My parents are wonderful and are offering to make the purchase for me, if it comes to that. I'm daddy's girl and he wants to make sure I'm safe. While I'd love to be able to make the purchase myself, it's just not possible. That's why I'm planning to drive ol' blue to her grave. Although, I don't want to incur any stupid tax, so it might end up being wiser to invest in another vehicle instead of investing in fixing this one if the price tag is too much.

Anyway, once I have an income where I would be able to afford a car payment, I'm excited to say that I have found a plan that I believe will work wonders (thanks to Dave Ramsey). I've been blessed enough to have never had a car payment. I don't want to live a 'normal' life - I want more. This plan will allow me to never make a car payment to a bank, to eventually drive free cars, and retire rich. Curious? Take a look:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thanks News Tribune Man.

Today, I wore my sweatshirt. I had been wanting to wear it for a while now because it's so comfortable, but this little voice inside my head keep telling me I shouldn't.
"You don't want to cause any trouble with your classmates. It's only the beginning of the year. What will you do if one of the girl responses by telling you she's had an abortion and she's offended by your sweatshirt?"
I finally told that voice to shut up, and I wore the sweatshirt today. I told myself that it's more likely that no one will say anything at all. I was right. Mostly. No one at school said anything. I only caught one person even looking at it.

However, as I came out of Wal-Mart the older gentleman at the News Tribune table outside the door saw my sweatshirt and asked me if he could read it all. I figured he was trying to sell me a paper (though it turned out he was giving away free papers - I didn't stay around to hear the catch). I let him read it and he asked me what it meant. I said that it was a catchy way of getting people's attention so they'd visit the web site and get all the facts about abortion before they form an opinion. "So I take it you're against abortion?" I told him I was, and he was glad.

I'm thankful for that man, for making me talk about the sweatshirt. The whole point of it is to get people to go to the site and be educated about the facts.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Prego is the best!

No, not the spaghetti sauce! But they do have a catchy little jingle.

Yesterday, I went downtown to visit with Adam, Cheramie and the growing 'bump' that is their unborn baby. I really was glad to be able to just sit and chat and be apart of their life. I'm so excited for these two!

Sometimes it's hard to want to be in the same place in life with my dear friend, and not be there, but I will also be hugely blessed in years to come from all the wisdom she will be able to bestow on me when my 'turn' comes.

While I do look forward to those days, I am also living in the now and enjoying my freedoms as a single. No point in being a party-pooper!

I love you Cherm! and Happy 24th!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A different approach.

I had a question pop into my head this evening at home group while we were on the subject of tithing. According to my assumptions, most Christians believe in tithing a tenth of their income. How many of them actually do, I don't know. I am not here to debate the validity of tithing. My question is this: What would happen if Christians 'tithed' their lives?

I know this isn't an entirely new question or idea, but I wanted to explore it for myself. Johnny Cash found salvation after becoming a great musician. Did you know that he vowed to sing a song for God at least once every ten songs? He tithed his music.

I wonder if we could actually do more good if we tithed our time, talents, and things instead of our money. How would your life be different if you gave 6 minutes of every hour to God. Maybe in worship, maybe in prayer, maybe in his Word. One hundred forty four minutes of every day. What if you gave a tenth of your talents to God's work? How would you be changed if you worked for someone who couldn't pay you a tenth of the time? What if you gave a tenth of your groceries away each month to someone who needed them more? What if you gave up your cozy seat in Church every tenth service, to be one of those who are serving?

I know that's a lot of 'what if's' and question marks, but think about it. We try to remind ourselves that when we tithe we are giving back God's money - that it's all his. Well, our lives are not our own either.

Readers, do you have any creative suggestions for tithing our lives?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Long john's on fire?

Now that I have your attention...

I wish I was able post these updates as they happened, but my blogger's lag (cousin to jet lag) hasn't completely worn off yet.

First, I want to share with you the project I completed today for class. I was told to get a photo, make it black and white if it wasn't already, and then hand color it (using Photoshop). The photo to the left is the original photo, and to the right is my masterpiece!

So when I got to class on Wednesday, my school apparently had been on fire for about five hours. Not the whole school, just a couple buildings on the other side of campus. It was on the news, and so I find it note worthy.

I'd also like to note that in the same way that I missed seeing the fire and had to hear about it once inside, I was totally oblivious to the fact that Jami was driving behind me all the way to school one day. In my defense, I did notice the car and knew it was the same one that Jami drove, it just didn't hit me that it could have been Jami because she was following so close it actually made me nervous. I guess you'd follow close too if you were trying to get someone's ATTENTION! :)

Next update, it's officially Winter in Katydid Land. Yup, the long john's are out and were used more than a couple times this week. The heat dish also emerged.

Do you know that I think postcards are just peachy? Especially ones from people you wouldn't really expect to get one from. I got one of those this week, it was pleasant.

Also! I got some new shelves put up to hold my books and then some. I was very tired of my books being under my bed, forgotten. I call this photo: More Bars in More Places

This evening, I heeded Amber's announcement and checked out the new Target before opening day. Very cool. I like all the pretty rows fully stocked. The only bump in the experience was when mom and I grabbed some grub at the food hall (as I call it) and the poor girl behind the counter was left with no backup and appeared to be working her very first day on the job (though this may not be true). She was doing just fine, but the line continued to grow rapidly out of nowhere and she finally got some help. It still took about 15 minutes to get four pieces of chicken tenders. But they were good!

And lastly, tonight, I found another birthday buddy. Yup, Mr. Barack Obama. Goodie.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Occupation: Student

It feels so good to have started. Starting is the first step in any journey. Yesterday, I came home from school totally exhilarated exhausted! I was ready for bed by 8pm. I made myself stay up until 10:30pm just so I wouldn't wake up at 6am on a Saturday. This week was really great. Each class was basically a review for me, and yet I learned a few things that I hadn't known. So it was a good way to start. I made a friend, got mistaken as a Russian, didn't get lost, and fixed my own sack lunch once. Success! It comes in different ways - don't knock it. When my mom came home on Friday, she brought me some beautiful flowers as a congrats. Thanks mom!

And thanks to all my friends who've been so supportive of me. I appreciate all your texts, IMs, emails, and hoo-rahs!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Your love is not a fight, but it's something worth fighting for."

In the words of Tommy Boy, "That. Was. Awesome!" What a great movie! Be sure to bring your hankie though. Sure the acting was sometimes over the top, but this film honored God the way a film ought to. It dealt with real world issues and wasn't afraid to give real answers. This is a love story for anyone who wants to know what true love is. Marriage is taken so lightly in our culture today, and the Kendrick brothers dared to make a stand in the face of mocking opposition and hold marriage upright as it deserves to be held.

Thank you to every person who made this movie possible. You've built a mighty tool for God to use for his glory.

Did I mention you should go see Fireproof!? Even if you have to drive over an hour to see it! Load up the car and make a day of it!

The Numbers are in.

Yesterday, the newest film by the Kendrick brothers, Fireproof, opened in theaters around the country. Christian film making is something I like to keep tabs on and support where I can, so this afternoon I will be headed over to see it. My enthusiastic review will follow.

As of Thursday night, reported that Fireproof whipped up 41% of pre-sale tickets for the week, ranking first in that category, with Eagle Eye a distant second. Eagle Eye is predicted to be the number one selling film this weekend, and I would say that sounds pretty accurate all things considered. Hey, I'm interested in seeing it.

I'm glad to see such great starting numbers for Fireproof though. Coming in 3rd in box office sales yesterday says something about the excitement surrounding this film. It's first night out, Fireproof brought in more sales than Brad Pitt's comedy, Burn After Reading, it beat out the raunchfest Dane Cook film, My Best Friend's Girl, as well as topped the adultery condoning flick, Nights in Rodanthe.
While Eagle Eye is on top bringing in nearly $10 million dollars last night (Fireproof brought in just over $2 million), the Kendrick brothers should be very proud. Being seen in less than a third of the number of theaters that Eagle Eye is showing in, Fireproof is only $400 behind in per theater sales!! Four hundred dollars! That is excellent news! Let's hope that today's numbers shine for morality as well as they did yesterday.

I encourage you to go out and see this film this weekend if you can to support these guys who have a heart to reach the lost and produce valid family friendly movies that stir the soul.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Office Files

Since I'm a geek, I am "employed" at Dunder Mifflin Infinity and one of my requested tasks was to create an image that transformed Office employees into Sci-Fi t.v. cast members. Of course I had to use the X-Files as my platform. Here's what I came up with. You like? :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He was called Dusy Bottoms

Here's the new pup. He finally got a name! I couldn't introduce you to him without one!

Dusty Bottoms

And we all wore pink!

Last Friday night some gals got together for a ladies night that was lovely. Jami summed it up rather well, so I'll direct you to her blog for a few good words and some photos.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


As I've been preparing to go back to school this fall, I've done most of the usual things. Figured out a driving schedule, searched for great deals on text books, gotten some new items for the wardrobe, and of course made sure I have all the 'office' supplies I need. There's one other thing I've been trying to prepare for, too.

All too often over the past few years, I've found myself wishing I could go back to high school and do it again with what I know now. A little more boldness, a little more love. I'm sort of getting a second chance at this. I now recognize that people will remember you for who you were in school. The question is, who do I want to be remembered as? What will I want people to say about me when they 'remember back in the day'?

It's not a question that will have one final answer. However, I do know this: I want to be known as a friend of Jesus & a lover of God, and I want to be a light in a dark place. I want to live a Matthew 5:16 life. In the words of the Newsboys, I want to 'Shine'. This is the boldness I want to have. The boldness to love people, right where they are. I don't want to be a casual Christian. I don't want people to have to ask if I'm a believer. I want to miss the second half of the day because I'm having a life and death conversation with a lost soul. May I be known as "The Jesus Freak" and may people be drawn to me because of the love poured out onto them through me. May I never seek to 'win' the lost. I am not competing for a prize. May I never have a holier-than-thou attitude that turns people away. May I never use the Sword of the Spirit to slash the heart, but instead use it to loose those in bonds and to free the captives. May I never water down the Gospel in order to falsely quench the thirst of seekers. Oh, there's so much more!

And if there's room, I'd like to be known as a highly skilled tradesman in my field. May it all be to the glory of God!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Epic Fun

After I left the accident last Thursday, I went on my way to meet Amy at the Fair. This year, the theme is Epic Fun, but I'm not sure I'd call our fun epic. We enjoyed all our favorite fair foods; scones, cotton candy, elephant ears. We took a peek at the show dogs, the horses, and the new piglets. Early on, we were able to catch the Konzelman's final show at the fair this year, and it was lovely as usual. The rides were, of course, the hit of the night. All two of them. :) We took a spin on the White Rollarcoaster first, which I hadn't been on in a while. It was a bit more terrifying than I remember. After that, we took a twirl on the Swings, which I do recall enjoying. After that, we were okay to be done with rides. During the Konz family show, we heard about the new fair packs. So we decided to take a peek. After going back and forth about whether or not to get one, we both ended up getting one. We are displaying them in the top photo of our booth pictures. They were filled with lots of goodies to enjoy. It would have been nicer if we'd had those goodies when we got there. I think the major sell point for both of us, was that each bag contained a bottle of water. We were pretty thirsty. Thanks for the fun day, Amy! [more photos are available by clicking the one at right]

Time to get busy!

I'm about to get rather busy again. My schedule when school starts, will look something like this:

Mon: Study Math & youth soccer from 730pm-830pm.
Tues: Class from 9am-330pm.
Weds: Class from 9am-330pm & youth group from 630pm-8pm.
Thurs: Class from 9am-330pm
Fri: Class from 9am-330pm.
Sat: Youth soccer game 12pm-ish and child care from 6pm-9pm.
Sun: Church from 10am-1130am & Home Group from 3pm - 5pm.

I'd share a link to my Google calendar, but I'm certain no one would take advantage of it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All it takes is a moment.

On my way to the fair this afternoon, an accident happened right next to me. I was stopped at a red left turn when I hear smashing noises and then see a man and a motorcycle sliding out in front of me. The man stopped when he ran into the tire of a car. For a split second I couldn't process what I'd just seen. It's amazing how quickly your life can change.

I jumped out of my car and was quickly at the man's side trying to talk to him and tell him he was going to be okay. There was suddenly a swarm of people around, three or four were attempting to reach 911 and another came up next to me and told me he was a EMT of some sort. "Was anyone else hurt?" says a voice. It didn't even occur to me to look around at what had happened. As I look back I see that three cars are bumper to bumper and the last car is pretty smashed. Everyone says they are okay. After the EMT dude took over, all I knew to do was pray. So I did.

Eventually, we found out the man's name is Sean. Not five minutes later the rescue team showed up - they were four blocks away Praise God! At this point my car was blocked in by some other drivers headed the other direction who had stopped, so I just waiting around and kept praying. I was finally able to leave, but since I had my camera I took a few shots first.

As far as I could figure out, the third car (far right in the first photo)didn't see the motorcycle and tried to change lanes and hit Sean, but swerved back - hitting the car in front of him. You can see in the photo that the left side of the car is smashed but only the right side of the car hit the car in front of him. I'm pretty sure Sean's body is what smashed the driver's side of the windshield.

As I continued to pray as I left the scene, God gave me a peace that Sean was going to be alright. I still wish there was some way of finding out how he's doing tonight.

Sunday Sermon

------------------This is my 401st post on blogger! Go me!---------------------

I went and visited a rather rowdy church last Sunday, in Maple Valley. The sermon was given by a missionary visiting from Africa. He preached a message that has been heard before, beginning with the reading of Luke 7:36-50. The heart of what he preached was from verse 47. I've heard this message before and it always bothered me. It upsets me like the Prodigal Son and the story of Martha & Mary. In each of these stories, I feel like I relate to the wrong character.

44Then he turned toward the woman and said to Simon, "Do you see this woman? I came into your house. You did not give me any water for my feet, but she wet my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. 45You did not give me a kiss, but this woman, from the time I entered, has not stopped kissing my feet. 46You did not put oil on my head, but she has poured perfume on my feet. 47Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—for she loved much. But he who has been forgiven little loves little."

He who has been forgiven little, loves little. I've always heard this and thought about how I've tried to live a Holy life. Compared to many, I have. Compared to a murderer, or an adulterer, or the deceitful salesman, I haven't been forgiven much. Will I ever be able to love the way this woman has - who has washed the feet of Jesus with her hair? The thought has gone through my mind that maybe I need to go out and live 'of' the world in order to be forgiven much, so I can then love much. Sounds ridiculous.

I know that's not the way, but I haven't been able to see any other way. Until God spoke to me in that sermon. It wasn't spoken by the preacher, he never said anything of the like. What God revealed to me was that what Christ did was not to pardon our sin, but to take them on himself and suffer our punishment for us.

What I have been forgiven of is a life eternally separate from God. A life in the burning embers of Hell. My punishment has been fulfilled by the Son of God, willingly, because of his great love. This is what the woman at the feet of Christ understood. This is what she could see that Simon didn't. Simon was still relying on his own goodness. He didn't see how great a punishment he would receive regardless of how much or how little he broke God's law. The punishment would be the same for them both, but Simon couldn't see that. I couldn't see that.

Oh Lord thank you for your great Mercy and Grace. Thank you for your revelations to those who desire to know you more. May we never, NEVER, forget that which you have saved us from. Let it be always written on our hearts that we may love much.

All 6,000+ murder victims

Do not forget to remember EVERY innocent human life that was taken on September 11, 2001.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stop Motion Poetry

Last month I designed these shirts for a band called Stop Motion Poetry. I emailed them to ask if it was okay to sell them on redbubble and to show them my work. I also offered to sell them the design files, if they wanted to produce the shirts themselves. At this point they've said they are interested in purchasing them, but I'll need to wait patiently for a bit. I'm more excited about seeing one of these shirts on the street that I am about getting paid. Feel free to buy one and make my day!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm really anxious to post the drafts I'm working on, but they aren't finished. I'm going to try not to post them all on the same day so you're not overloaded. This is just forewarning of the posts-that-are-to-come. For now, enjoy this little comic that brings back memories of childhood musical delights.

...and this one...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I got pooped on.

What are the stinkin' chances!? I was pooped on by a bird today. Gross.


Orting Trail Ride

This last Saturday was a blast! Five of us went for a 15.5 mile ride down the Orting Trail and back. After which we met Suzanne & Will for lunch at the Park Bench. GREAT food. Feel free to click either of the photos here to see the whole album which contains a plethora of ridiculous photos of yours truly.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Which Way is the Opposite Way?

Opposite Way - Leeland

Living in the same town
For all these years
Doing the same old things
Hanging with the same crowd
And it’s starting to get crippling
You’ve never felt in place
And you tell yourself it’s all okay
But something’s different today
You want to run the opposite way

And it seems like you’re locked in a cage
And you need to find a way of escape
When everyone is setting the pace
It’s okay to run the opposite way

The Father sent His Son down
The light of men
The cross He bore was crippling
Rejected in His own town
They couldn’t see the sun shining
He knelt in the garden and prayed
Father, let this cup pass from me
It’s not Your will for me to stay
Your will for me is the opposite way

And it seemed like He was locked in a cage
And He couldn’t find away of escape
But through the cross He conquered the grave
My Jesus ran the opposite way

Oh, and through the cross He conquered the grave
Oh, He ran the opposite way
Yeah, through the cross He conquered the grave
So you could run the opposite way

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Better Questions

If You Wanted Me - Todd Agnew

I'll admit I'm glad we're not disciples
Out on a lake paralyzed with fright
'Cause I'm afraid I might have laughed at Peter
Until he stepped into that stormy night

If You wanted me to walk on water
Why'd You make this solid ground seem so right?

I'll admit I'm glad I'm not King David
Ruling over everything I see
'Cause I think I've fallen for more than Bathsheba
Your creation's a temptation for me

If You wanted me to love You only
Why'd you make the moonlight sparkle in her eyes?

I'll admit I'm glad I'm not John the Baptist
In a jail cell waiting for my day to die
'Cause at least down here I know what we're chasing
And it's hard to trust Your dreams are so much better than mine

If You wanted me to die to myself
Why'd You make me fall so deeply in love with life?

If You wanted me to surrender
Why'd You make these hands able to hold on so tight?

If You wanted me to be like You
Why'd You make me like me?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The value of a life

Once again, we have decided that the value of a human life isn't much. If you're under the age of 18, it'll only cost you up to 30 days in juvy to let someone die by preventing them getting aid (second-degree manslaughter). That is unless there was an adult who is slightly less responsible who gets a harsher sentencing. Then you'll get 2 years, to make it fair.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A poem.

I wrote a simple poem just now. Would you like to read it?

Click here: redbubble

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I realized that I never posted anything about my birthday this year, so here's a photo from dinner that night at Rock Pizza.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Car fire

Just to let you all know, I am fine. All I did was roll into someone's bumper while stopped at the light. It had turned green and I took my foot off the brake and decided to mess with the CD player at that moment. My license plate fell off and I scratched the trucks trailer hitch logo as well as dented it's bumper (though I'm not sure how). The other lady was real nice, but seemed a bit concerned that their could be structural damage as well. When I got home and logged on to file a claim online, my account already had one. She's on the ball.

Also, in my inbox was this email from my sister-in-law Caren:

Well, tonight we went to a friends house for dinner and we went into
the house and 5 minutes later someone said is your car smoking??? Our
van had started on fire. We had to call 911 and they ended up putting
the fire out. Before they got there the flames had melted the hood
and completely destroyed everything under the hood and the front
windshield. We are so thankful for God's hand of protection over our

I guess it's that time of year.

PS - My hair was already bad, Jami, but thanks for asking.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Know what stinks? Rear ending someone when you don't have a job and you're getting ready to start school.

I really can't believe I did that. So lame. Ugh.

I've added a new label: Nonsense