Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Orting Trail Ride

This last Saturday was a blast! Five of us went for a 15.5 mile ride down the Orting Trail and back. After which we met Suzanne & Will for lunch at the Park Bench. GREAT food. Feel free to click either of the photos here to see the whole album which contains a plethora of ridiculous photos of yours truly.


  1. for all of those people that read this blog I have to tell you that Katie rode ahead in the above picture just so she could take a picture of herself in the lead. I would like to clarify that the majority of the ride she was not so near the front as much as she was the caboose. :) It was a delightful ride and we had a ton of fun! I think we should do it again soon... anyone else?
    ps. we all took turns leading the way. it was like a flock of birds. each one in front for a time.

  2. nothing like jami to rat you out. Gosh, where's the love? lol
    Great pics. I was glad to join you at the end....

  3. I would like to clarify that we did take nice, smiling pictures by the river with our eyes open. But Katie is a fan of the closed-eye, open-mouth pics.

    And Jami, the flock of birds reference was perfect! We should totally do it again before the weather turns rotten!!!!

  4. Hey now! Don't be picking apart my version of the story! Go tell your own version if you don't like it!

  5. that flock of birds reference was from Jesse... at the beginning of the ride he suggested we take turns leading like the birds do :) had to give credit where it is due.