Sunday, September 21, 2008


As I've been preparing to go back to school this fall, I've done most of the usual things. Figured out a driving schedule, searched for great deals on text books, gotten some new items for the wardrobe, and of course made sure I have all the 'office' supplies I need. There's one other thing I've been trying to prepare for, too.

All too often over the past few years, I've found myself wishing I could go back to high school and do it again with what I know now. A little more boldness, a little more love. I'm sort of getting a second chance at this. I now recognize that people will remember you for who you were in school. The question is, who do I want to be remembered as? What will I want people to say about me when they 'remember back in the day'?

It's not a question that will have one final answer. However, I do know this: I want to be known as a friend of Jesus & a lover of God, and I want to be a light in a dark place. I want to live a Matthew 5:16 life. In the words of the Newsboys, I want to 'Shine'. This is the boldness I want to have. The boldness to love people, right where they are. I don't want to be a casual Christian. I don't want people to have to ask if I'm a believer. I want to miss the second half of the day because I'm having a life and death conversation with a lost soul. May I be known as "The Jesus Freak" and may people be drawn to me because of the love poured out onto them through me. May I never seek to 'win' the lost. I am not competing for a prize. May I never have a holier-than-thou attitude that turns people away. May I never use the Sword of the Spirit to slash the heart, but instead use it to loose those in bonds and to free the captives. May I never water down the Gospel in order to falsely quench the thirst of seekers. Oh, there's so much more!

And if there's room, I'd like to be known as a highly skilled tradesman in my field. May it all be to the glory of God!

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  1. the only thing that matters is faith expressing itself in love. -neil mclendon

    glad you see this for what it is.