Monday, October 9, 2006

Facing the Giants!

Two weekends ago, a motion picture that blatantly proclaimed that nothing is impossible with God made it's opening in theaters around America. Facing the Giants is a film about a high school football coach who has his back against a wall in every aspect of his life. His team has been on a losing streak and just lost their best player, which treatens his job. His home and car are falling apart, and he has been unable to provide his wife with the children she wants.

As someone who watches movies with a very critical eye, I had my doubts about this one. Yes, the acting was mediocre and it was at times cheesy, as I expected. However, what I did not expect was to be so emotionally moved. This film reached into me in a way that convicted me. I have failed to give best in so many areas. I forget that with God, all things are possible as long as we give our best.

In one of the more moving scenes of the film, Coach Taylor asks one of his players, Brock Kelley,to perform the "Death Crawl" a second time. The death crawl is an excerise in which one player crawls 10 yards on his hands and feet while carrying another player on his back. In an effort to spur the young man to change his attitude from that of failure, to that of victory, Coach Taylor asks Brock to promise to give his very best this time. Brocks states he thinks he could make it to the 30 yard line. Coach Taylor then blindfolds the ambitious young man so that he won't give up when he reaches the 30 yard line. As Brock starts his crawl, the other players are skeptical and laughing at the whole situation. Coach Taylor walks along side reminding Brock of his promise to give his best. He doesn't let him slow down when he starts to ask if he's made it yet. Brock complains that he's tired, but the coach doesn't let up. As the player moves further down the line, the team stands up and watches closely in amazement at how far he's crawled. Brock begins to complain that his arms are burning and he can't go any futher. Still yelling in his ear, Coach Taylor pushes him to go further. Twenty more steps.... ten more.... 5 more.... Brock finally collapses on the field, crying that he must be at the 50 yard line. He simply must! Coach Taylor removes the blindfold and tells Brock to look up and see where he's at. As Brock pulls himself up, he sees that he's crawled the entire length of the football field, 100 hundred yards. What a stunning example of how much we underestimate what we can do when we give our best. God wants our very best, not just a good effort.

Perhaps the impossible events that took place in the movie are too far fetched for some to believe. If that's the case, take this to heart: the only way that film made it into theaters this September, was by the grace of God. Those folks gave their best, and God took care of the rest. It's really an awesome story of how Facing the Giants came to be.

Face Your Giants!