Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day in which we take time to remember, celebrate, and honor those who have died in the name of Freedom. I'd like to say a few words about my great-uncle Oscar. Although I never met him, I can tell from his picture that he was a great man. He died in WWII at the age of 22. Even though he died before my parents were even born, I miss him. "He stands in the unbroken line of patriots who have dared to die that freedom might live, and grow, and increase its blessings. Freedom lives, and through it, he lives--in a way that humbles the undertaking of most men."

Oscar was posthumously awared the Purple Heart in November 1946. The following is his story:

Oscar enlisted in the Army Air Corps shorly after World War II began. After recieving his wings and accepting the commission as Second Lieutenant he began training in B-24 bombers. He was next assigned to the 15th Air Force and stationed in Italy. In October 1944, Oscar's plane was shot down over Austria. He was declared M.I.A. One year later, Oscar's father received a letter that no parent wants to read.

"With deepest regret, I have learned that an official determination has been made of the death of your son who has been missing in action in Europe. Word has come to me that Lt. R****** earnestly undertook cadet training which he successfully completed with an excellent academic record. As a capable officer, he took his responsibilities seriously and faithfully executed assignments. His performance as a skillful pilot, respected by associates, was in keeping with the finest traditions of this command. I hope that the memory of your son's courageous sacrifice for his Country will comfort you. My heartfelt sympathy is offered to you and other members of the family."

Memorial Day History

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Don't let me go!

“Forsake me not, O Lord.”
- Psalm 38:21

Frequently we pray that God would not forsake us in the hour of trial and temptation, but we too much forget that we have need to use this prayer at all times. There is no moment of our life, however holy, in which we can do without his constant upholding. Whether in light or in darkness, in communion or in temptation, we alike need the prayer, “Forsake me not, O Lord.” “Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe.” A little child, while learning to walk, always needs the nurse’s aid. The ship left by the pilot drifts at once from her course. We cannot do without continued aid from above; let it then be your prayer to-day, “Forsake me not. Father, forsake not thy child, lest he fall by the hand of the enemy. Shepherd, forsake not thy lamb, lest he wander from the safety of the fold. Great Husbandman, forsake not thy plant, lest it wither and die. ‘Forsake me not, O Lord,’ now; and forsake me not at any moment of my life. Forsake me not in my joys, lest they absorb my heart. Forsake me not in my sorrows, lest I murmur against thee. Forsake me not in the day of my repentance, lest I lose the hope of pardon, and fall into despair; and forsake me not in the day of my strongest faith, lest faith degenerate into presumption. Forsake me not, for without thee I am weak, but with thee I am strong. Forsake me not, for my path is dangerous, and full of snares, and I cannot do without thy guidance. The hen forsakes not her brood, do thou then evermore cover me with thy feathers, and permit me under thy wings to find my refuge. ‘Be not far from me, O Lord, for trouble is near, for there is none to help.’ ‘Leave me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation!’“

“O ever in our cleansed breast,
Bid thine Eternal Spirit rest;
And make our secret soul to be
A temple pure and worthy thee.”

Monday, May 22, 2006

Psalm 107:7

“He led them forth by the right way.”
- Psalm 107:7

Changeful experience often leads the anxious believer to enquire “Why is it thus with me?” I looked for light, but lo, darkness came; for peace, but behold trouble. I said in my heart, my mountain standeth firm, I shall never be moved. Lord, thou dost hide thy face, and I am troubled. It was but yesterday that I could read my title clear; to-day my evidences are bedimmed, and my hopes are clouded. Yesterday I could climb to Pisgah’s top, and view the landscape o’er, and rejoice with confidence in my future inheritance; to-day, my spirit has no hopes, but many fears; no joys, but much distress. Is this part of God’s plan with me? Can this be the way in which God would bring me to heaven? Yes, it is even so. The eclipse of your faith, the darkness of your mind, the fainting of your hope, all these things are but parts of God’s method of making you ripe for the great inheritance upon which you shall soon enter. These trials are for the testing and strengthening of your faith-they are waves that wash you further upon the rock-they are winds which waft your ship the more swiftly towards the desired haven. According to David’s words, so it might be said of you, “so he bringeth them to their desired haven.” By honour and dishonour, by evil report and by good report, by plenty and by poverty, by joy and by distress, by persecution and by peace, by all these things is the life of your souls maintained, and by each of these are you helped on your way. Oh, think not, believer, that your sorrows are out of God’s plan; they are necessary parts of it. “We must, through much tribulation, enter the kingdom.” Learn, then, even to “count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations.”

“O let my trembling soul be still,
And wait thy wise, thy holy will!
I cannot, Lord, thy purpose see,
Yet all is well since ruled by thee.”

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I'm really feeling like doing nothing and talking to no one.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Get real.

I'm not as confident as I would like to be. Being a photographer is only fun when there's no stress. I thought taking people's portraits for some income would be fun. However, the money part really messes me up. They're paying me to take their picture. What if they don't like it? What if none of them come out? Being a photographer is just as worrisome as being in front of the camera. I didn't realize I would feel so judged. The whole thing about taking portraits is taking photos that your client will like. How do I know what kind of pictures they will like? Sure I can get an idea of whether they prefer B/W versus color or sepia. But what about style? All these things running through my head while I'm supposed to be focused on shutter speed and apature. I think I'm going to have to stick with Sports and Art Photography. I can take the pictures on my own time, then my clients can purchase the ones they like. Take it or leave it. So much less stressful being able to take a picture that I will like and finding out later if anyone else likes it.

I've also discovered that I really prefer to be at the editing table. Perhaps I'll take some graphic design classes.