Saturday, July 17, 2010

How's tricks?

I guess it's been a while, ay?  It seems this year I've fizzled out my blogging time.  At some point I realized I didn't have a set focus for this blog so it fell through the proverbial crack and was forgotten.  There's this part of me that over romanticizes the act of sitting down to a keyboard and clicking out some thoughts on a public forum.

Even now, as I sit alone at a busy coffee shop, I imagine myself as the primary movie character in some loathsome situation that needs narrating in order to convey to the audience some completely irrelevant truth.  Somehow, I feel more alive.  As if, I have some piece of the answer to life's biggest question and no one has a clue how close they are to the truth that is contained in my finger tips.  Suddenly I feel a sermon coming on....

I've always loved the idea of being a writer, but I've never considered myself one.  Primarily because I've always heard that writers are those people who can't go a day without putting ink to the page.  They have a constant need to express themselves through written word, and that's just not the case for me.  I've also never thought myself brave enough to be a writer.

All too often I find myself conjuring up a scene from some story that is rolling around in my mind.  Unfortunately, I'm terrible at completing those stories.  Maybe one day I'll put all those scenes together and have a masterpiece.  Who knows.  Meanwhile, I suppose I'll keep jotting down those scenes, if only to get them out of my head.