Friday, December 30, 2005

Paul Scott Mowrer


They would not give you fairy tales to read
In tender years, lest rays of old romance
Should cast upon your mind their idle trance-
A glamour of knights, and captive maidens free.
You were untaught how virtue's gentle deed
Might overcome hate, fear, and circumstance;
Or how the prince, disguised, with magic lance,
Is always riding nigh at beaty's need.

None taught this lore, and yet you learned it all!
From dawn to dark, sweet fancies filled your head
Of woodland hut, and high enchanted hall,
The giant featly slain, the maiden wed.
Non taught, and yet I think that round your bed
The fairies nightly held their festival.

On stormy midnights, when black windy wings
Frightened the shuddering raindrops, wail on wail,
Your sleep would moan, your parted lips grow pale,
While round the room flapped hideous grinning things.
But what gay laughter, what sweet caperings
On moonlit nights! All night with song and tale
and elfin wit, the fairies would regale
Your dreams, and pluck all night the tinkling strings.

Whence else that glance with teasing mischief fraught?
That quaint soft way of talk with bees and flowers?
That love of solitude, the seldom-sought,
And sudden shrinking from the unseen powers?
That gift of still sea-gazing, hours and hours?
You had no book, yet you were fairy-taught.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How to use your head:

This is me after my visit to the doc who told me I knocked my neck out of alignment as well as sprained my neck and upper shoulders. Fun. He gave me this cool neck brace so the whole world can see my stupidity.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Crystal Mountain

Had a great time riding the snow at Crystal Mountain today. Adrian, Aaron, Andy, Cheramie, James, Justin, and I hit the slopes on this not so ideal day for skiing. There was still plenty of fun to be had. Aaron was quick to venture out on his own being the independant man that he is. The rest of us stayed together for the first hour or so. Much thanks to Justin, James, and Adrian for putting up with the newbies when you would have had much more fun at your own speed. Kudos to Justin for pulling me along the flats.

This photo is a bit deceiving. About a half hour before it was taken I hit the snow pretty hard. Attempting to make a turn to keep from going off into the trees, my board cut into the snow and took me down - hard. I fell backwards down the mountain slamming my head against the hard packed snow. Because of the speed I was going, my legs soon followed causing my body to roll over my neck and shoulders. After a few minutes of confusion, I was able calm my breathing and assure myself I was alive. Being Norweign, I had no intention of seeking help. After resting for another five minutes or so, I started making my way down the mountain again. Yes, I fell plenty more times, but because of my reduced speed and new fasination with the parts of the mountain covered in powdery snow, it was much less painful. My board buddy Andy and I met up with Cheramie at the start of the Queen run lift. We were still a good half way up the mountain. After talking we decided to go down to the lodge for lunch. Seeing how we were the less skilled half of the group, it was only natural that we were hungry first. Cheramie and I took our time coming down the rest of the way while Andy went down ahead. All seemed pretty well until nearing the end I started to pick up extra speed and fell again. This time forward, throwing my hat and goggles about 20 feet infront of me. From the cries of onlookers I bet it was awesome to watch. At this I felt ill to my stomach and when we finally reached the bottom I only wanted to sleep. When the others reached us James and Adrian insisted that I seek first aid. Turned out I had a minor concussion. What great friends I have. They all kept a close eye on me and were sure to not let me sleep. Back at home, we hit the hot tub. Great way to end the night. Can't wait for the pain that comes with the morning.

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