Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!

Not sure why I said that.

I'm sure you've all noticed the recent prolonged hiatus from blogging that I've taken. It wasn't planned. Life just happened. I know - what a profound statement, right? Obviously, I've spent weeks being 'enlightened'. Actually, I've really been working on my stand up routine.

School's been quite the roller-coaster. I really enjoy the subject matter, just haven't been very impressed with the school itself. The bar seems to be set fairly low, and I'm the kinda person who expects a lot out of myself. Without proper training, I feel as though I'm being set up for disappointment.

Also, I think I may have caught Senior-itis this season. All kinds of bugs been going around. To think, I could have a handful of letters after my name by the end of the year. I'm also thinking of joining a sorority. Phi Theta Kappa - Beta Omicron Gamma Chapter.

I had a wonderful vacation at the beginning of the month with my whole family. I miss those guys. Someday the distance will be shorter (either physically or financially). I can't hardly stand to wait for those days.

This past weekend I enjoyed a long awaited girls night. I had been looking forward to that ALL year! What did we do? We talked all night!

My personal growth focus right now is my attitude. I want to be one of those people who are *almost* annoying in their positivity (or is it positiveness?). Either way, I'm trying to be on the plus side more consistently! The 'Triple D' (daily dork dance) does wonders for uplifting my attitude. I highly recommend it. It's usually best accompanied by an over dramatic and mushy lip-sync. Perhaps one day I'll make y'all a How To video.

Speaking of videos, if you haven't visited yet, check out my YouTube Channel @ www.OutofilmProductions.com

Details you might be interested in: I am currently working on 25 credits in my 3rd quarter. In a month I will tackle another 25 credits over the summer quarter. I'd like to take my final 25 credits in the fall so I can graduate sooner, but it's looking as though I may end up going into the winter quarter (depends on how crazy I am).

Sunday, May 10, 2009