Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Your love is not a fight, but it's something worth fighting for."

In the words of Tommy Boy, "That. Was. Awesome!" What a great movie! Be sure to bring your hankie though. Sure the acting was sometimes over the top, but this film honored God the way a film ought to. It dealt with real world issues and wasn't afraid to give real answers. This is a love story for anyone who wants to know what true love is. Marriage is taken so lightly in our culture today, and the Kendrick brothers dared to make a stand in the face of mocking opposition and hold marriage upright as it deserves to be held.

Thank you to every person who made this movie possible. You've built a mighty tool for God to use for his glory.

Did I mention you should go see Fireproof!? Even if you have to drive over an hour to see it! Load up the car and make a day of it!

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  1. man oh man I really want to see this. yikes. looks like a film America should make mandatory for those in marriage counseling. I wonder if the divorce rate will go down this year because of this film? That. Would. Be. AWESOME!! I think it is so inspiring seeing Christians in the entertainment business making films that speak to the heart of God. I can't wait to see Fireproof!