Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Numbers are in.

Yesterday, the newest film by the Kendrick brothers, Fireproof, opened in theaters around the country. Christian film making is something I like to keep tabs on and support where I can, so this afternoon I will be headed over to see it. My enthusiastic review will follow.

As of Thursday night, reported that Fireproof whipped up 41% of pre-sale tickets for the week, ranking first in that category, with Eagle Eye a distant second. Eagle Eye is predicted to be the number one selling film this weekend, and I would say that sounds pretty accurate all things considered. Hey, I'm interested in seeing it.

I'm glad to see such great starting numbers for Fireproof though. Coming in 3rd in box office sales yesterday says something about the excitement surrounding this film. It's first night out, Fireproof brought in more sales than Brad Pitt's comedy, Burn After Reading, it beat out the raunchfest Dane Cook film, My Best Friend's Girl, as well as topped the adultery condoning flick, Nights in Rodanthe.
While Eagle Eye is on top bringing in nearly $10 million dollars last night (Fireproof brought in just over $2 million), the Kendrick brothers should be very proud. Being seen in less than a third of the number of theaters that Eagle Eye is showing in, Fireproof is only $400 behind in per theater sales!! Four hundred dollars! That is excellent news! Let's hope that today's numbers shine for morality as well as they did yesterday.

I encourage you to go out and see this film this weekend if you can to support these guys who have a heart to reach the lost and produce valid family friendly movies that stir the soul.

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