Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What else?

What else has been going on with me you ask? Even if you didn't ask, here's the answer.

On Sunday, I took Maverick to the vet because on Saturday he looked like he had pink eye. I gave it a day to clear up, but it looked worse - so off we went. He got some eye drops that I have to give him for the next two weeks, but he looks better already. I'm glad he's not pawing at his eyes because he'd look pretty silly in a cone.

Also, I'm pretty low-key about my break, so I've been taking time to fix my mp3s from the great Zune scramble of '08. During one of the software 'updates' all my music got messed up. I had Third Day singing Sk8er Boi on the Best of Perry Como album. Nice eh? I have nearly 4,000 mp3s in my collection. I'm going through them one album at a time and re-entering all the proper information. I'd say I've fixed about 20% so far.

I've also been spending a bit more time with my guitar, so my fingers are getting all peely again. I'm attempting to add some lyrics to a chord progression that I put together a while ago. AKA writing a song. PS- I thought it would be artsy fartsy of me to have a name for my guitar, so suggestions are welcome.

I've started reading John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. Haven't gotten too far, but I'm enjoying it. I guess I didn't realize it's written like an allogory. I like allogories. It was supposed to be my goal to finish it before school started up again, but we'll see. It's a big book.

I am now onto the 5th and final season of Quamtum Leap. They re-recorded the opening theme song for this season and it sounds really stupid. What were they thinking?!

Mike Lynch has been dog sitting for the past week for some folks in my neighborhood so I've gone over there a few times to kick some butt at TimeSplitters. Actually, I didn't play the video games as much as I watched. It was a nice mix up of my daily routine of doing nothing.

Oh, and the other night Jami came by and helped me play some games on my computer. It was jolly good fun and now I'm addicted to Diner Dash. Good thing it's only a free trial and will eventually stop working.

So as you can see, my 'break' wasn't just a break from school. It was more like a break from reality and responsibilty. I'm gonna hate to see it go.

Tonight I will be babysitting for a friend as I ring in the new year. I think it's gonna be a blast, I've never spent New Years Eve with youngsters. Bring it on!

And in case I don't see ya.... Happy New Year!!

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