Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Zune Van Winkle

Well, I was going to load up my Zune with the corrected files I've fixed so far so I could have some tunes for tonight if the kiddos fall asleep early. Unfortunately, Microsoft missed something when they created the Zune 30g. An ugly 'leap-year' bug has frozen everyone's Zune who bought one in 2006. All you see is the lighted Zune logo on the screen. How do I know this? I asked uncle Google.

But, just as quickly as everyone began complaining this morning, Microsoft gave us a fix! Hooray!!

Wanna know what the quick and easy fix is?

...... wait until tomorrow at noon. Yup. That's it. Old Zunie is fast asleep for a while. According to the makers, the internal clock will reset itself. All I have to do is make sure the battery drains, recharge it, then turn it back on.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that this little 'fix' is really just a ploy to buy more time for the techs to create a REAL fix?



  1. I read about the Zune 30 problems online today and wondered if that was what you had. Guess you'll have to go for the old-fashioned "read a book" form of entertainment tonight...

  2. thats a crap sandwich if i ever heard one. sorry you dont have tunes for this evening. have a happy new year though!

  3. Yes, isn't it interesting to think of the ways that tech people try to make us think they know more than they do. I often wonder about what they truly know and what they just make up answers for.

    Enjoy your silent night =).