Sunday, October 19, 2008

Drive FREE, Retire RICH

It's come up that my car is getting old (she's 17) and may not last much longer. So I've been thinking about new car options. Currently my income is .... zilch. Makes it tough to find a car payment in that. My parents are wonderful and are offering to make the purchase for me, if it comes to that. I'm daddy's girl and he wants to make sure I'm safe. While I'd love to be able to make the purchase myself, it's just not possible. That's why I'm planning to drive ol' blue to her grave. Although, I don't want to incur any stupid tax, so it might end up being wiser to invest in another vehicle instead of investing in fixing this one if the price tag is too much.

Anyway, once I have an income where I would be able to afford a car payment, I'm excited to say that I have found a plan that I believe will work wonders (thanks to Dave Ramsey). I've been blessed enough to have never had a car payment. I don't want to live a 'normal' life - I want more. This plan will allow me to never make a car payment to a bank, to eventually drive free cars, and retire rich. Curious? Take a look:

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