Friday, June 13, 2008

Something's fishy.

I read this fish tale today and at the end, it struck me in the gut. Some Charleston, OR hooligans stole an 8ft wooden carving of Charlie the Tuna that was an icon of the community. After fearing capture, they decided to attempt to chop the statue into pieces and get rid of it. Long story, short, they were caught and apologized. Seems like a sad story. What really got to me what this:
The town of Charleston will celebrate Charlie’s life with a 1/8th km “creep and crawl” led by the Wild Women of Charleston at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 14, followed by his wake.
"Followed by his wake." Are they serious!? It almost makes me fuming mad. Every day, EVERY day thousands of unborn children are chopped into pieces in the name of choice. Why is there not a march held for each and every individual who is so brutally murdered this way? No one holds a wake for these little ones. How many of these "Wild Women" who will be leading this ridiculous march, are believers in 'choice' when it comes to abortion? How many of them will mourn the lost of a giant piece of wood and yet care nothing for a tiny human life who has suffered the same fate. What ugly hypocrisy. What a terrible grief my heart has felt. How much longer with this evil persist?