Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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I am currently a T-Mobile customer and have been for at least 6 years. For the past two years I've been using the Moto V360. Over the last week, I have been testing out Verizon Wireless and the Moto W755. The following is my review/comparison of each service and phone. *Let me first admit that I am a perfectionist who doesn't welcome change very often.*

T-Mobile Pros:
  • I have been with this company since they were Voicestream and have good repoir with them.
  • I am on a month to month cycle - meaning I can get out anytime without huge fees.
  • They currently are gifting me an extra 50 minutes of airtime for being a loyal customer.
  • TM uses SIM cards which means I can switch phones without needing to see a service rep. This is handy if my phone breaks (I can use my backup until I decide on a new phone) or if my battery dies when I really need to make a call (I can either use my backup if it's handy, or find someone with a SIM ready phone and borrow theirs without having to use their minutes).
  • I have used this service while in Europe and know it to work great for making calls.
  • I love the instant access to my 'minutes used' count and 'current balance' by just dialing #MIN# or #BAL#.
  • Easy access to my account online. I can make payments, change my plan, or even upgrade my phone from any internet ready computer.
  • I am able to purchase any SIM ready unlocked phone available on the market - I don't have to buy from TM directly. This means I can save money on new phones. In fact, that's how I bought my current phone. I really wanted it and TM had quit selling it.
T-Mobile Cons:
  • I had outrages bills to my account when I came home from Europe and was slightly jerked around being told different things and had to settle for extra free rollover minutes as a settlement. I would have preferred the charges to have been removed.
  • Service coverage. I give it a 7.5 out of 10. There are local areas that are difficult to get reception at.
  • I've noticed over the years that TM has slowly pulled plan features from 'standard' plans and turned them into 'extras' that you have to purchase separately. I.e. they used to provide every customer with 50 free text messages with every plan. Disappointing.
  • [i'm sure i'll think of something else to add later]
Verizon Pros:
  • I have lots of family and friends on this network - no airtime usage to call them or for them to call me.
  • I admit, it probably has better service coverage. BUT I've only had it a week.
  • Online account access (though I'm not familiar with it) and phone book storage application.
  • I would be on a family plan and save $30 a month (if we don't split the bill three ways).
  • Instant access to 'minute count' though not as simple as TM's function. It teeters on being in the 'Cons' list actually.
  • Plenty of local service reps if questions arise.
Verizon Cons:
  • Verizon appears to be very controlling of what customers can do with their phones. Certain features are 'locked out' to force you to purchase more from them.
  • They do NOT use SIM technology at all. I have to go to them for any change in phone. If my phone breaks and I can't afford a new one, I'm outta luck!
  • I would be on a family plan and no longer have my own account to continue building credit with.
  • I would be starting over from scratch building a new relationship with a new company.
  • I can't say for certain that it's the service (it may be the phone) but the call audio comes across rather digital sounding. At times it's difficult to hear the caller.

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