Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, I did it. I started. Dad and I got to the gym about 7am and left at around 8:30am. Picked up a smoothie on the way home and then grabbed some scrambled eggs to finish off breakfast. Was feeling really good at that point in the day. Also was feeling very tired. So I went back to sleep. Got myself up around noon and had some leftovers. Chicken and fried cheese. Not good. But good, if you know what I mean. My goal for today is to eat six times, without worrying too much about what I eat. Once I'm used to that, I can throw in the mental challenge of figuring out what to eat. As of now, I'm at three glasses of water (out of ten) which is more than I general have in a day.

My training today was upper body focused - Back, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, & Biceps. I ended up over-estimating some of the starting weights for a few of the exercises, and I actually under-estimated for the others. I think it was better to be under though. I ended up missing a couple exercises, but it wasn't too much of a big deal. I only needed to to 12 reps on each of them. I'd tell you what I can bench right now, but I'm not sure what the bar weighs..... :) It was sorta sad because I know I've been able to bench with weights in the past. No worries, just gives me something to look forward to. While waiting for dad to finish his workout, I walked the track and then shot some hoops. My arms were beginning to feel like jelly, so it felt a bit weird.

While working on my triceps, I overheard a couple of teenaged boys talking about dinosaurs and the bible. When they were resting between reps, I said hello and told them I overheard them. I offered them a set of Dr. Hovind's Creation Science Seminar DVDs. I told them how wonderful they were and they would answer the dinosaur question and so many more with hard science. I really didn't want to talk to those boys. But I felt like I should. One of them seemed to be trying to pursuade the other that 'just because dinosaurs aren't in the bible, doesn't mean God doesn't exist.' I thought he would be excited that someone would be on his side and give him a way to prove what he was saying. Of course, dinosaurs ARE in the bible, but I didn't want to come across like a know-it-all or something. They seemed to think I was offering them drugs or something, "Naw, I'm good" is what one of them said when I offered the DVDs. Maybe they thought I was hitting on them.....

I'm feeling stronger already! Grrrr!

"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing.
Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action."
- Frank Tibolt


  1. My favorite parts:

    ~What you can bench. You know what you need is a good size toddler. That'll improve your arm strength! I was a lot stronger when I worked at a toddler daycare and carried kids around all day long.

    ~That the teenage boys either thought you were offering drugs or hitting on them. At least you didn't tell them something like "I have the videos in my car. Why don't you come out with me?" THAT would have sent them running.

    Good job on your first day Katie!!!

  2. Yeah, I'm proud of you. Keep up with the updates. I like to hear what you eat ;)

  3. Proverbs 31:17
    ha ha and i guess 31:22 as well, since we are talking bout the photo. :)