Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sweat and Tears

I've been busy today. Unfortunately I haven't been busy with what I should have been busy with - getting ready for school. The 'put-it-off-itis' has already hit me. Oh well, it's just the first week. I'll get by.

How do you like the new look :D ? I spent hours on it. I figured - New Year, New Look.

I also spent hours playing Wii with Adam. Thanks to Cherm for letting him come play. And of course she was there too rooting us on! What a great friend - the best!

Couple of tid bits for ya:
  • For the month of January I get to see sweaty Micheal Scott on my wall everyday. Gotta love fun calendars.
  • If you ever need a good cry, check out ABC on Sundays at 8pm. It always works for me.
  • Oh9 is going to be a great year of growth and progress. I can feel it.

Second Quarter, HERE I COME!


  1. I like the blog, although if I am going to be honest I liked the old better. Probably because I prefer green :) I like your post!

  2. couldnt agree more. going to be a great year!