Monday, January 26, 2009

"The Sun'll Come Out, To-Morrow!"

Wow. I've had a fantastically productive day! I think the sun really gave me a boost. I went to sleep last night feeling horribly achy all over. I didn't exactly JUMP out of bed this morning, but once I was up, I was more alive than usual. I got a TON of homework finish and started and I even made time to eat. I was able to cross a couple things off my to do list and I even enjoyed my favorite episode of the X-Files. I did all that while nursing a hurt finger. Note to self: Do not play tug of war with both dogs, they have sharp teeth. It's still going to be a long week, but at least today was on the up and up! Thank the Good Lord for all his blessings!

Tons of thanks to my DLF who gave me a lesson in Illustrator! And for fixing my Netflix watching abilities!!! YOU ARE THE GREATEST EVER.

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