Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lessons from drawing.

My study of drawing and how to get in the 'right mind' for it has brought many thought from my feeble mind. Science tells us that each hemisphere of our brain has special functions. While not 100% for everyone, most people use their 'left' brain most of the time. This is the part of us where we use logic, rationalism, order, we keep track of time, and break things into parts. Our words and language come from this side of our brain. Lefty is the uptight 'know it all' of the team. Righty, on the other hand (pun intended), is more intuitive, has no sense of time or order, puts things together to create 'wholes', is metaphoric, doesn't need reason, and is non-verbal. You might say Righty is the laid-back 'soak up the moment' of the team.

In theory, you can not draw real life forms using Lefty. Most definitely he will try to take over. He's the know-it-all. Drawing with Lefty, we create scenes that are more cartoon-ish and made up of symbols instead of lifelike pictures. A circle for a head, some ovals for eyes, a half moon for a smile.... you get the idea.

I guess the pre-point to my main point is this: we have to use Righty to 'see' things differently. Righty will show us the whole picture, not just the parts. There's no beginning and no end. When you get in this Zone, you lose track of time and usually can't hear words around you. For most of us, it's a very pleasurable place to be.

Moving right along. I wanted to share how this relates to the Christian walk. I think that when we get saved by the Grace of God, the "right" side of our spirit begins to be awakened. We are able to grasp glimpes of the whole picture. However, we are so used to using the "left" side of our spirit that we let it take over. We see the daily tasks clearly, we see the order of life - childhood, school, career, wedding, kids, grandkids, retirement, etc. We use logic and reason and we are on a deadline!

What would our lives be like if we lived with the "right" side of our spirit leading us? We wouldn't see the timeline, or the To Do List, or try to explain things with logic. Can you imagine seeing something just how it is and not feeling the urge to try to explain it? Seeing a miracle? How would you differ your approach to non-Believers if you could see the big picture of where their life is headed?

Lefty will always be the first to attempt a task. Only if he can't or doesn't want to do the tast will he settle down and let Righty take over. In drawing class, we do exercises to help shut-up Lefty. We draw things that can't be "programmed, categorized or easily referenced" so that Lefty gives up trying. We practice seeing things differently.

I think we could take a lesson from drawing. What kind of exercises can we do to better see things the way the REALLY are? How can we train our spirit to see the world in a way that provokes us to live important lives? I want to live in a way that I can not keep track of time, that I can not hear the outside voices, and that I see things as they truely are.

That's all I have to say about that.