Monday, August 11, 2008

Books: Old & New

Another forward propelling day! I was able to take about a dozen or so old books to the library to donate them. The librarian practically ripped the books from my hands when I said "donation". I was glad to help (and I'll be glad if it helps get me some tax relief next spring).

After some bumps in the road, I was finally able to get down to Clover Park to register for classes, which means, I'll be needing some NEW books fairly soon. I'm hoping to make the class Orientation this Wednesday so I can find out which books will be necessary and start my hunt to find them at bargain prices! My first quarter is Tuesdays thru Friday, only three courses at a time, instead of the M-F five courses schedule I thought I would have. I decided to not take math this quarter and instead try to refresh my algebra skills so I can take the course that will qualify for the degree. As of right now, I have to take a lower level math before I can take the qualifying course. It would be nice if I could CLEP out of math entirely, but I'm not sure I could do that. In fact, I may be fooling myself thinking I can refresh my math skills on my own. Any volunteers to quiz me?

Next step..... pay tuition.


  1. way to be! dont forget to fill out that fafsa!

  2. Good job Katie! Jami was just over and we decided she will be joining us on Thursday and we're going to have Pina Coladas. Woohoo! Excited to hang out with the both of you together.

    P.S. I heard about the music video idea. I'm in!

  3. you are so almost a student! amazin! I will volunteer to quiz you on math. It is more fresh in my brain... just two quarters ago. ps... It is the cheapest place to find your books online or otherwise. check it out! so proud. so proud.
    ps again... can't wait for thursday!