Sunday, January 17, 2010

Allow me to introduce my biggest enemy.....

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages!  I would like to introduce you to the biggest enemy of my success.


Yup.  That's right.  Tomorrow.  I have such a problem with Tomorrow that it just occurred to me that I should just write this tomorrow.  My eyes are heavy.  My brain is tired.  I'm cold and want to bundle up.  See what Tomorrow just did there?  Tomorrow gave me a way out.  Tomorrow gave me a way to do what's comfortable now.  Tomorrow just tried to cut away a sliver of my success!!

Tomorrow constantly feeds me the lie that it will always be there for me.  I've believed that lied for far too long.  Turns out, Tomorrow doesn't even exist

(Moment of silence inserted here for reflection or eye-brow lifts.)

Shocking, I know.  It's true though.  All we really ever have is Today.  Every time I wait until Tomorrow to do what I can do today, I lose Today.  I have lost Today countless times.

It's time for me rise up and begin to say NO to Tomorrow!  The time to fight is NOW.  Like those old nasty mops in those annoying Swiffer commercials - I'm tossing you aside, Tomorrow!  I've got something better, and it's called: Today!

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