Friday, April 11, 2008

We even look a like too!

Take this test!
You're not the person running around the office with a lampshade on your head (yet), but you've still got a sense of humor (and it's not of the makes-us-cringe variety). Sure, sometimes you're too busy cracking jokes to take care of business, but is that a crime? And you can't deny it — nothing says "HR meeting" like hiding a coworker's notes!

But when you're up against the clock, you'll come through in a pinch, which is why upper management keeps you around. After all, getting serious is always a possibility for you, just not exactly the probability...


  1. You do sorta look like Jim. I'd never really noticed that before...

    Speaking of which... I wanna see Leatherheads :)

  2. So, I hesitated to take the quiz, for fear that I would end up as Angela the Rule Follower. BUT...
    I'm Pam:

    "Sweet as a well-stocked vending machine in the company break room, you're exactly the person people go to when they need a little pick-me-up from office politics and snooze-inducing meetings. Sure you can be a little shy, but that's exactly what makes you approachable in a sea of general nutcases. You show your true colors around the ones you really like."

    Thanks Katie! This was fun!