Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's about time.

Was time created or has it always been?

Time is, in it’s simplest form, a measuring unit. It is used to measure duration.

Can a unit of measurement be created?

For example, the yard. A man can create the yardstick. A tool which is used to measure the yard. But does that mean the yard was created at the same time as the yardstick, or had it been there all along?

You cannot ever take away length, width, nor height from an object. Neither can you remove it’s time. Those units have always been and will always be. You can’t change them. The object can change yes, but length, width, and height will not. An inch will always be an inch, whether you can measure it or not.

Was time non-existent before the sun dial? Of course not, that would be absurd. It has always been.

What happens when we apply this logic to the God of the universe?


  1. You can Never Find "A Creator" in His Creation . Look around Apply this Rule at Every single "Creation" ...
    for example you cannot find the creator of TV in his creation or creator of this computer in his creation ......
    start from things in ur room and move towards this universe,galaxies, stars, and even beyond that .... results will be estonishing as you'll keep on expanding ur horizon ..
    and there will be Stop at one Point and that would be "A GOD" "The Ultimate Creator" "The Unique in every sense" :) Not as Like his creation :) ..what u think ?

  2. i'm not exactly sure what you're saying. a creation can lead to it's creator. a t.v. has a model and serial number that could lead us to who made it. also, the t.v. itself is proof that there was a creator. you can't have a house without a builder right?

  3. Yes for sure it always Leads towards creator , for sure it act as a sign that these all things didnt came in to existance by themselves it shows some body has created them, looking at TV you know from its Existance that some one has created it but that Creator is not like his creation . :) I mean the one who created TV is not another TV :) the one who created Dogs animals is NOT another one of them , the one who created "Humans" is not another Another human or any form of humans . Means the creator is Not in his creation .This is Simple Rule of common sense , we know exsistance of God with the Signs around Us ., The almighty . do i make sense ?
    And this all leads towards another point If creator can not be in his creation then what about jesus ? is he a creator or a creation :) because he can one at one time not both according to the Rule. what you think ?