Friday, October 29, 2004

how do you do?

This week has been delightful. My eldest brother and his wife and son have been visiting since last Saturday. We've watched movies, played games, toured Seattle, and discussed biblical theology. Many people think it's strange how much my family talks about the Bible and things of God. I think it's strange that more people don't. There's so much to learn about and from others, but we don't dare risk asking their philosophy about life. That's too personal an issue. We have become so afraid of offending that the only level of communication we reach with people is that of cliches and "how do you do's". How are you supposed to answer that question anyway? But I digress.

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. We played CLUE and she won two out of three games. I don't know how she did it! I thought I had it every time, but I never did! Afterwords we went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. The staff did a wonderful job of wishing her a happy birthday. Then we came home for Cherry Cheesecake! Courtesy of yours truly. Then we put on "Cracking up with Jerry Lewis" which my sister in law had never seen. I don't think she was that thrilled. I guess that kind of humor doesn't float her boat.

The family takes off tomorrow at noon and I have to work tonight, so tomorrow morning is all I have left with them. I hate it so much. My nephew is growing up and I don't get to be there for the everyday cuteness. We have so much fun when we're together, but I imagine my aunt's felt the same about me. Sometimes I wonder what he'll think about me when he's 20 and I'm in my 40s. 

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