Wednesday, October 6, 2004


Yes, I admit it. I've tried online matching sites. There are so many benefits, yet so many frustrations. In the world of dating you might walk into a club, or otherwise established singles gathering, and scan the room. Right off the bat you would see probably a half a dozen people you'd be interested in meeting based on appearance and demeanor. The next step would be to approach each of them and find out important information. Things like money management, family ties, political stance, religious beliefs, and their goals in life. This would be difficult enough if you were only trying to find out the answers for just one person. But six?! That's certainly not going to happen in one night. I'm sure you see where I'm going with this. Online dating profiles allow you see the basic foundation on which each match stands. You can dismiss a person without ever saying hello.

On the other hand, let's say you walk into an eClub. You walk around picking up profiles of the people you find attractive. You go over each one throwing away the ones that don't fit you. Then you walk up to a potential date and say your hello. Now, assuming he's read and approved of your profile you begin a conversation. This conversation isn't going to be much like one you'd have at a club. Suddenly you feel like a big time CEO interviewing for a company partner. What's your age? Do you like sushi? How much do you make in a year? Oh yeah, what's your name? This can become droll very quickly. And you start to loose perspective that these profiles have actual people on the other end of them. You forget about flirting and romance. And how do you smile into your computer? :) Doesn't quite do the trick.

I haven't quite figured out the solution, except to have your date's photo in site while you chat or email with him. I have found e-dating to be a positive thing for me because I have high standards and I'm terrible at talking face to face with guys. And so I will continue to look for love through my computer.

If I don't meet the love of my life, at least my writing will have improved! 

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