Monday, June 30, 2014

Never Good Withheld

Tornado Season in the Mid-West can make for a roller coaster of emotions.  Even more so since last Fall when a town less than 30 miles from me was mowed over by a tornado causing complete devastation. Hundreds of people were left with nothing but each other.  As I'm writing this, we're currently under a Tornado Watch alert - meaning weather conditions are prime for a tornado to appear.
 Looking out my window at the lightly swaying trees under a hazy gray sky, it barely looks as though it might rain.   I get a better storm indication when my dog becomes my second shadow than I do looking to the sky.  This is what makes the situation so trying.  It could be just another day, or at any moment I could need to be seeking shelter.

At each hint of a tornado possibility, my mind wanders to a safety plan.  Where will I hide in my old small home that wasn't built with a basement?  Will there be time to seek shelter with a neighbor?  What if they're not home?  What if the panicked dog got away from me while heading to the neighbors?  What would happen if everything I own was picked up and relocated all over the city?  What would I do if I had to start over with nothing?  This is inevitably the question I get to every time.  What would I do if I had to start over with nothing?
My Savior, I would freely yield,
What most I prize, to thee;
Who never hast a good withheld,
Or wilt withhold from me.
It is both a frightening and exciting possibility to ponder over.  We don't often have the chance for a fresh start, but it's tough to build from the ground up.  The quote above expresses well the comfort my heart arrives at with each Tornado Watch.  My house is made up of THINGS.  Yes, things I enjoy and bring me a certain happiness, but THINGS none the less.  I've enjoyed gathering them, and I'd enjoy gathering again if it ever came to that.  My God is looking out for my good even more than I am, and He holds nothing back. He is a big and wonderful and living God and even if I'm ever left with nothing, I'll still have everything because I have Christ.

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