Friday, August 3, 2012

What does chicken have to do with Jesus?

The recent uproar over how the Chick-fil-a franchise donates some of it's profits is a bit funny to follow. Let's ask an overtly Christian company if they give money in support of their beliefs (or against their opponents if you'd rather), and then become outraged and act surprised that they do, followed by a cry for boycotting.  That's the sort of mindset and response I'm seeing from the majority of the Political Left & anti-Christian groups.
Next up is the wide spread response by those who say they stand in support of Chick-fil-a's choice to donate funds where they see fit, and those who just really like their chicken.  August 1st was Chick-fil-a Day and an estimated $8 million dollars was made while people stood in lines for hours to place an order and make a statement.  

The aftermath is making me giggle.  The Left are commenting that the Supporters are hypocrites for using their Apple phones and Google services to post about their support of Chick-fil-a, which are companies with opposing values (or so they're telling me).  It would only be hypocritical if the Supporters claimed to only consume products by companies whose values line up with their own.  Which they're not claiming.  They are supporting the company's right to donate funds to other organizations that line up with their values.  In essence, using Google or Apple actually supports their demonstration.

 Is it really a surprise that so many people took this chance to demonstrate their support?  Come on!  It consists of eating a tasty meal for a few bucks while also getting the chance to tell the story of how "I stood in line for 4 hours and then they ran out of nuggets!"  We're Americans.  It's what we do.  Will we know how many other restaurants made some extra profits that day from those who purposefully ate out at a place whose values they support?  Probably not.  

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