Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day One

Made it through the day.  Took a couple hours to get the car loaded properly and had to leave behind several items that will need shipping.  I decided I couldn't leave my dog behind, so I took a rental in El Paso, IL that will allow him to come with me.  More about that later.  We left about an hour and a half behind schedule and reached tonights hotel around 12:30am Mountain Time.  Downfall of driving east - time zones work against you.  Mav did okay in the car, he's pretty unsure of what's going on.  He's wearing himself out with worry.  I still wonder if it was the best idea to bring him.  But the choice has been made, no looking back, right?

Tomorrow I will call an old high school friend who lives in Utah to see if we can swing by for a visit.  My 10 year high school reunion is on Friday, so it'd be like having our own little reunion.  It'll add some time to the trip, but how often do I "swing by" another state?

Summit Christian Center was so awesome to gift me some gas and food funds plus munchies!!  Super thankful for that!

Well, seeing how's it nearly 3am where I am, I should try to sleep.  Another long day ahead!

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