Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's get over ourselves...

Why is American culture so focused on independence?  It's all about doin' it yourself and taking all the due credit.  It's okay to give assistance to someone who asks, but Good Heavens! you better not be the one asking.  It's no wonder Americans have such trouble with free grace and salvation in Christ.  Accepting God's provision means we are admitting dependence on God.  Our impressive independence could end up being our down fall.  We really are such a lonely people!  I ride the bus every day to school and hardly anyone says a word to another person.  Most people, young and old, go about their commute with headphones on that clearly send the message of DO NOT DISTURB.  It makes me sad.  I try to make a point to always greet and thank my bus drivers and I don't wear earphones while on the bus.  I may have a tired look on my face, but I want to be approachable and offer a smile to those around me.  We really are all in this together and the sooner we realize that, the better.  


  1. You are much more considerate on the bus than I ever was...I joined the ranks of the self-indulged..thanks for speaking truth :)

  2. I think I had a little too much hot air when I wrote this. I admit since this post, I've used my ear-buds a couple times to isolate myself amongst the crowds. This idea needs reconsideration....