Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 1 [thefair]

Transcript Begin:

Welp. Day one. I survived. Day one at the fair. New job. Haven't been working for a while, so. Little bit of pressure, just a little overwhelming. Sounds like I might be doing the job of three different positions kind of all squished into one. So it's a little bit crazy but I think I'll survive - yeah. Uh, the highlight of the day actually was as I went around being introduced to everybody, went through the storage room and in the back corner around a pile of stuff behind what I suppose was at one point a cubicle wall was uh Roland, the IT guy. He's pretty cool, nice to meet him. Now I know where to go if things get too crazy - a little hide-away - I'll go hangout with Roland for a little while. So, that was definitely the highlight of the day, um. If nobody would have shown me he was back there I would have never known there was a desk behind all that stuff. So - here's to you Roland!

:Transcript End.

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