Saturday, March 14, 2009

Changing Bride.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go see the old family vacation cabin that my grandfather and father built many years ago. There are lots of great memories from this place so I was curious to see how it was doing. Since I hadn't been there in nearly 10 years, I had to guess a bit about where it was located in the neighborhood. Thankfully, Jami was very patient with me as she drove me around each turn. I suddenly recognized a street sign. Winthrop. That's it! As we turned the corner, my heart sank. As I looked at the land I was baffled. Is it gone? The property before me wasn't at all what I remembered. And on top of it there was a funny looking building sitting where MY cabin should have been.

Turns out, verified by my father, that strange building was our cabin. It looked so different that I didn't recognize it. The land had been changed as well. This little incident was a 'what if' moment for me. What if Jesus comes back for his Bride, the Church, but she has changed so much from what he'd made her that he doesn't recognize her? That would be crazy. We must be careful not to sell our self to the world and then be made unrecognizable by our Maker. Can you imagine the heartache of the Groom as he drives away thinking "my Bride is no more". Can you imagine the surprise on the face of the Bride wondering "where are you going Husband? Come back! Here am I!"? What a terrible tragedy. Friends, I hope for our sake that Christ's return is delayed. Oh how much I long to kiss the face of my Jesus! But will he know us if he were to come now? I think many of us would be left confused and baffled by our Lord's walking past us, saying "I do not know you."

Take heart friend. You still have this very moment to be made right. To shed yourself of the coverings of the world that may disguise you from your Maker. But hurry! You may not have the next moment. Move quickly! For he will come like a thief in the night when he is least expected.

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  1. Great illustration, and something I fear is true in a lot of cases. The church seems to go in cycles of reform. It's kind of hard to tell if we're in a reforming state, or the other side! But we can be confident that God's church will survive to the end. We only need to worry about if we're a part of it or not.