Friday, October 26, 2007

What would you take?

I was reading an article this evening about what items people were taking with them as they fled the flames of the fires burning in Southern California. Some folks grabbed important documents like birth certificates and tax papers. Others grabbed expensive clothes or other material items. Many grabbed photos and other precious family heirlooms. Some made sure they had the dog (and some forgot). One man ran back in for his tux saying that he has a difficult time finding one that fits well.

I began to wonder what I'd take with me if forced to leave my home in only a couple hours time. Photos? The computer? Would I remember the dog? My guitar or my grandfather's violin? I know I'd let my wardrobe go up in flames no problem (especially my work shirts)! But how would I take the beautiful, yet very large, wooden trunk my grandmother left me? I'd have to leave it behind and take her hair brush set instead. And what about the hours and hours of video footage? Would I snatch that up too? Or the many many thoughts recorded in a dozen journals? Is this even something you can really decide before hand? Or is it more of a spur of the moment kind of thing? Grabbing what's important at that point in your life. I'd like to say that my bible would be the tip top of the list, but really, come on, you can buy a new bible pretty easily in this country. Is that terrible or practical? Heck, I might even take a shower because who knows when my next one would be!

It reminds me of that insurance commercial that asks what's important to you and uses a pedestal to display the possibilities. So let me ask:

What would you take?

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