Saturday, March 12, 2005

Cell phone blues

Well, I leave for Europe in about three days and I know perhaps I should have checked on this sooner, but I guess I will not be able to use the new cell phone I purchased for this trip. I went to the T-Mobile store and told them I was going to Europe and needed a tri-band phone. Everything seemed to be all settled when I left the store with my new phone. Oh what joy to have a new toy. Flash forward. I was looking into what kind of adapter I would need to get so I can actually charge the phone overseas. Well, my father reminded me to make sure the charger is dual-voltage. Of course it will be, it's an international phone, right? Wrong. It's 110V only. Not only that, but Motorola doesn't even have a dual-voltage charger available. What stinkers! Someone forget to turn his or her brain on when manufacturing this phone. I still believe I will find a way to get use of my phone. I must hold on to hope!!!

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