Thursday, August 26, 2004

Christian Voting

But what if Christians do not run in an election? Should we not use our vote to support the "best man"(or woman)? Let me respond by asking, Should we not withhold our vote from covenant-breaking pagans, no matter how "conservative" they are? Why, in a constitutional republic where you have some say in your government, would you use your "say" to say that you desire an unconverted rebel to rule over you? Others may object, But in a three-way race between a liberal Democrat, a conservative Republican, and a Bible-believing Christian, aren't you splitting the vote by voting for the Christian, and thus assuring that the worst of the three, the liberal, will be elected? In some cases, yes, but I am not responsible to God for how other people vote, only for how I vote. I must do what is right no matter what the consequences, which are in the hands of God. 

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