Sunday, June 6, 2004

laying low

I've decided to forget about guys for a while. Not that there's been any in my life. But as soon as someone hears you mention that you'd like to be married, off they go to hook you up. Especially mothers. I'm not a fan of anything close to a 'blind' date. Last week she wanted to set me up with her friend's son. Her friend who she's only known for a little while and just found out she's has a son. At least this one's not 18. He sounds like a fine guy and all, but I don't want to set up something where everyone knows that the reason for the meeting is for the two of you to connect. Can't we just be introduced? I'd rather go on dates where the last thing I'm worried about is whether or not I even like the guy. Apparently, some other guy from the church I've been going to, wants to ask me out. My mom hears about it because these woman are trying to find out if that's okay with me. How would I know if it's okay, I don't know the guy! So now he's supposed to call me tonight!?!? Why didn't he just even say hello at church? So I could have some idea of who he is. Anyway, I'm done with guys at this point. I'm just going to focus on pursuing the things I love. Like film-making. And shopping! This whole thing really makes me itch to shop, but I have no money. Shopping helps me loose focus on the big issues in my life. I don't go crazy, I just buy a new shirt or something. Wow, long blog.

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