Thursday, July 31, 2008

Isn't 'keen' a fun word?

Turns out my brothers weren't too keen on me meeting strangers through CL. I understand their concern, but.

After a nice chat with one of them, I decided to start looking for work again. In order to widen my horizon of options, I opened the phone book and began flipping through the yellow pages. The night before, a friend mentioned that I ought to apply for an entry-level supervisor or management position. I think maybe I underestimate myself too often. Once I realized that IS something I could do, I began to think on a larger scale of options. I don't have to be a 'retail rat' forever!

My goal is this: To get a 'grown up' job, find my own place, and enjoy each day as it was meant to be. Once I'm working, I'd like to take some dance classes and some writing classes. I'd like to do those things now, however, they usually like to charge money for them, and I am low on funds.

I will strive for simplicity and contentment.

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  1. Wow... catching up on the blogs here, eh? Too bad I read them in reverse order...

    Maybe you could use CL for a job :) That's safer.