Sunday, August 3, 2008


Yesterday morning was kinda crazy. While out playing soccer, one of the gals dislocated her knee. It was in the last few minutes of play too. No one there had any idea how to fix it, so we called 911 and waited for the pros to show up. 45 minutes later she was being loaded into an ambulance. It didn't take that long for them to show, it just took that long to prep her. Anyway, Jeff, the man running the soccer practices, went with her so he'd know how she was. He called me later in the evening to let me know that Andy would be alright. They popped her knee back in place and she was walking around after a couple hours. Whew!!

Later, I went birthday shopping with my mom, her treat. That was fun, but I was sort of out of it, so I didn't have full energy for great decision making.

Also, while trying to look for that 'grown up' job, I decided that I want to work in the media field somehow, and that some schooling would do me good. I'm looking into CPTC on Monday to see if they have opening for their Video Production/Broadcasting program. They have a 2-year degree program and a 1-year certificate program. I believe I just want to do the one year, though it'd be nice to have some letters after my name. CPTC seems to have a reputation for job placement of their students, so I could get that job I'm after. Woo Hoo!

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