Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The X-Files - I Want to Believe

***************** SPOILER ALERT!! ********************

Last night I went to see the much awaited new film from genius Chris Carter and company, The X-Files - I Want to Believe. It's a rather fitting title since every X-Phile has wanted to believe the film would be as good as the show since they heard rumor that it was being made. Contrary to the final belief of Agent Scully, X-Files fans everywhere have been left unable to believe.

The only thing that was known about the plot of the film before opening day, was that the show's creator, Chris Carter, had decided to leave behind any mention of the long running series' driving plot line of alien invasion & government conspiracy. As with the first film, Carter wanted a film that could stand on it's own two feet with out alienating (excuse the pun) those of the public who never watched the show. Unfortunately, he seemed to have fooled himself into believing that anyone other than X-Philes would want to see this film. In fact, it took so long for the film to finally make an appearance, he's probably even lost some of that fan base. Now, instead of seeing fans come excitedly out of the theater chattering with how wonderful the movie is and how it stayed true to the show, outsiders ears will ring with the sound of patron disappointment. It's is this Phile's opinion that he should have stayed on track with what we love, and in doing so, he could have created a whole NEW generation of fans, who would then run out to buy the series on DVD - and isn't it all about the money anyway?

Part of the enjoyment of a film can be influenced by the audience itself. Though the seats were rather empty, there were two teen aged girls one row down who would laugh hysterically at the slightest thing. Not cool. Now, I have always found the X-Files to be witty and humorous, however, I was not informed that this film was a comedy. During any given show, you're bound to find yourself chuckling under your breath every so often, but you rarely find yourself laughing out loud. It became a nuisance.

The movie opens very similarly to it's precursor, X-Files - Fight the Future, with a very snowy scene. Perhaps it's cheaper to shoot in wintry conditions. It was sad that it wasn't very classically X-Files. Sure, it had the trademark time/location stamp in the lower left corner, it had the wonderfully composed music of Mark Snow, and the quirky habits of Mulder that Philes have grown to love. Other than that, it was lacking. I felt it spent slightly too much time on the now bored relationship between Mulder and Scully. It was difficult to believe that two such determined people would have ended up the way the film portrays. Or perhaps I just don't want to believe that would happen to them. The friendly push and pull banter between them was gone. Scully was sadly made out to be a boring middle aged doctor with nothing to get upset about except people stepping on her toes. Towards the end, there was a shinning glimmer of hope with the unveiled presence of A.D. Walter Skinner. It was welcomed with erupted applause (and giggles from the girls).

The battle of the story was one more of a spiritual matter than a supernatural one. Once again Mulder goes off on a wild goose chase (only with a bit less action being they've aged a bit) and begs Scully to help him as usual. She gets involved for a time, but since she's now a medical doctor, she has her own life to worry about. She's trying to save the life of a young boy. While out with Mulder, his source, a Catholic Priest turned pedophile, turns to Scully and says "Don't give up." She doesn't believe in the man's so-called visions from God that have been assisting Mulder in finding the victim of said goose chase, mainly because she doesn't believe God would speak through a man so sick and evil. However, since this man knows nothing about what she's doing to save the boy, which she doubts she's able to do, she freaks out and wants to believe that God is speaking to her through this man. In the end, she goes through with the experimental procedures on the boy, and it is left up to the audience to decided if he is saved or not.

I enjoyed watching the movie, even though I had my disappointments. And for those of you who decide to go see the film, make sure to stay through the credits. There's a little something something to finish off the story. It's not a teaser for another film, but as I recall from back in the day, both Duchovny and Anderson were rumored to have signed a contract to film 3 X-Files movies.....

Watch out for 12/22/12....

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