Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Music to my ears.

Yesterday, I stopped by the library to see if they might have the soundtrack to Momma Mia available. Before I went searching the soundtracks I went through the section marked SACRED. I like to browse this section every so often, just to check in. I pulled out two albums that I had never heard of before. Usually when I do this, I end up with semi interesting albums, but hardly ever end up with something I absolutely adore. I hit the jackpot this time! Both CDs I grabbed, are fantastic. Actually, they are so much more.

The first one I picked up was Ralph Stanley's SHINE ON. The song titles on the back included "I'll Fly Away" and "This Little Light of Mine" so I thought, why not? I had no idea what kind of music would come out of my stereo when I played this disc and I was pleasantly surprised. It's a beautifully heartfelt bluegrass album that brought me back to a simpler time. It made me want to hitch up my overalls and go running through a corn field. There's something grand about an old man singing about his Jesus. I dare you not to dance.

The second artist I hadn't heard of is a phenomenally talented young man, Jimmy Needham. His voice is reminiscent of Jason Mraz and Micheal Bublé. His songs are wonderfully honest. In "Lost at sea" he speaks of following Christ though the way is unknown. He wonders at how this Holy King could see him for who he is and not want to "discontinue [him] for all eternity and then some." He has an obvious heart for the Lord and for the Lost as made known in "Dearly Loved". His voice is of a man crying out to his people to rise up and realize their true potential and calling. The album's title song "Speak" is inspired by Romans 10:14. He ends the album with a profoundly read Benediction that will touch you.

I urge you to give this whole album a chance if you are able. Let it convict and inspire you.

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