Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a sad day ...

While out sailing last night, I was taking some fun photos with my Polaroid camera. My friends informed me that they heard Polaroid was going to stop production on their cameras and film. I couldn't believe ears! I assumed that perhaps the rumor was only partly true and that the standard 600 film I was using would of course continue to be produced. I searched the web today to find that Polaroid made the announcement this past February! I'm honestly very sad now. I'm going to have to stock up on the film before it's all gone! As much as one can stock up I suppose - since film eventually expires :(

There are still arguments back and forth on whether or not this is actually going to happen. There is a plethora of instant film fanatics who are protesting such devastating news. There are those who are asking Fujifilm (and other companies) to take over the market that Polaroid wants to leave behind. There are tons of sites dedicated to the 'art' of the instant photo.

I was going to write some thoughts on what the classic polaroid photos mean to me, but I came across this site that simply says it all. SAVEPOLAROID. Take a gander down memory lane and let these folks express in their words, what a polaroid can mean to each of us.

Here's a fake polaroid of me sailing. This just can't compare to the real thing!


  1. You can extend the life of film by keeping it in the refrigerator... but I don't know if that applies to Polaroid film.

  2. Right you are Joe! It's the best place for film, but can only help so much.