Monday, June 2, 2008

Two Months

Well, it's June. I have successfully lived two months with no job. And by successfully, I mean, I have no debt. I've yet to generate any income over the past two months, unless you some how want to count my economic stimulus check. I recently posted an ad for photography services on Craig's List and am organizing somethings for a yard sale. I'm no where near an empty bank account, but obviously, I don't want to wait until I am to start making some deposits. SMRT.

Over the past 60 days I have considered different options for my future. Joining the circus was not one of them. Ultimately friends, I want to be a wife and then a mother. Seeing how this isn't a dream I can chase on my own, I am finding myself having to seek other options until this dream is closer to a reality. Unfortunately, it's like having to choose your second choice. Who wants that? Besides, I don't even know what my second choice is. That's the main frustration. Or maybe I do know what my second choice is, but I don't see how to chase it, so I ignore it. Either way, I seem to have a lack of direction.

If I don't figure it out soon though, perhaps one day you'll get a call from me with an offer for free tickets to see my performance at the circus when it's in town.


  1. id rather see you as a wife and mother than a circus performer. sure the clown makeup is fun, but i think youd be happier making balloon animals for your own kids.

  2. I'll totally come see you if you join the circus. Maybe you could teach Maverick some cool dog tricks. I think I saw previews for a reality tv show that trains celebrities to do circus acts (big name people like the middle son of the Brady Bunch). Maybe you should watch that and learn a few tricks. :)

    Seriously though, I understand the feeling like you're choosing your second choice because your first choice isn't coming about. I've been feeling that way too. But just because it's our 2nd choice doesn't mean it's God's 2nd choice. (so much easier to say to you than to myself...)

  3. LOL! Love it! I know I shouldn't be rooting for you to join the circus... but a tight rope walk would be pretty cool... and you have been practicing. Just kidding! You are going to be an amazing mom some day!