Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Polka Dots

She asked me if I thought the baby would prefer polka dots or stripes on the blankets. Does she know that this is a health class assignment? How am I supposed to answer that? Even if this was a real baby, it wouldn't know the difference between dots and stripes! I answer anyway.


"Definitely polka dots."

Why does she even ask? Maybe I should break up with her. Why did I think signing up for this class with her was a good idea? This assignment is a joke. Somehow it's supposed to teach me that I'm not ready to be a parent. At what point did I ever claim that I want to have a child? I'm on their side! I wonder if we can give this doll up for adoption. There's plenty of girls in the class who think they're ready to be a parent who'll take it. Won't that prove that I learned my lesson? Man, I'm brilliant! I can be done with the assignment sooner and get an 'A'!

"Mrs. Brent, Dana & I want to give up our baby for adoption, so it can have a better life."

"WHAT?!" Dana's head whipped around so fast I thought the room actually spun. Maybe I should have told Dana the plan first.

"Charlie! We are NOT giving away our baby to some stranger! Forget it!"

Thankfully, Mrs. Brent wanted to explore the option more. "Now hold on a minute, Dana. I think Charlie should have a chance to make his case."

***********to be continued*******************

Prompts for this week:

1] Use this sentence as non-main character dialog in your story: "That was a good plan."

2] Write a story that takes place in a laundromat in the middle of the day.

3] Write a story with all animal characters - in the second person.


  1. I love the start of this one Kate! I seriously laughed out loud! Brilliant!

  2. Funny.

    Here's Prompt #1 from jami janelle. I saw "goat" and "violin" and I had to. I like the sounds of trying something in second person, so I might have to do that one next.

  3. OK, here it is, in the 2nd person.

    Prompt #3 in all its animal glory.