Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Well here he is, the man himself: my father. He's a simple guy. Loves to laugh. Loves to make other people laugh. He smiles like a child - full of joy. We are much alike, him and I. We both like to start things, and then 'put them away for another day'. We both like our gadgets. We think too much. We really love our naps. We even look alike.

The most important thing he could have ever done in my life as my father, was to introduce me to the Father. My dad taught me about God. He showed me the truth, and he has given me freedom. He has set an example for me, by always making time for the Lord. My dad makes mistakes, and messes up like the rest of us. He didn't mess up here though. He has stood strong. I am thankful for my dad.

My dad's the smartest guy,
And my dad's the bravest guy,
Andy my dad's the neatest guy,
It's positively so.
Maybe I'll introduce you,
Then you'll know that it's the truth,
That my dad,
My dad's the greatest guy you know!!
(Janeen Brady, My Dad)

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