Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bless Your Beautiful Hide

This was a much happier ride to Seattle than the last one. For one, we weren't all hungry. And for two, there wasn't any reason to worry about the roads since the rain came through and washed away the snow.

We got there with plenty of time to grab our tickets and a snack before settling in our seats. John snapped this quick photo which held up the line for a moment.

Mom and I watched as the rows in front of us started to fill up and we feared someone with large hair or a long neck would sit in front of us. Eventually, the two seats in front of us were pretty much the only open ones left in our section. We watched a this really tall couple pointed down our row and started our way. We lost all hope. Suddenly, they stopped in front of another couple and flashed their tickets saying "I believe these are our seats." After some shuffling, the tall couple was not going to be in front of us. The lights went down and to my delight no one ever filled those seats! Although, I did take a moment to have some pity on the folks who might have been sitting there. You never know why they didn't make it.

The set workings were awesome! Here's a shot of the opening scene before the lights went down. I didn't want to infringe on any rights so I didn't take any photos of the play. It was a really entertaining show, but it just didn't do everything for me that the movie does. In the play, my favorite brother was Frank. I guess I was a bit sad that the kid who played Gideon didn't steal my heart like Russ Tamblin does. I did enjoy how some of the lines were played more for humor than they are in the film and it was really great enjoying those moments with a TON of people.

I think I'll go watch the movie now. I got it on DVD [widescreen] for Christmas!


  1. How exciting. It reminds me of our London adventure! What a great time we had.

  2. Gideon was my favorite. But then again, I've only seen the movie a couple of times, so I didn't compare it to that as much.

    Not much beats an evening of musical theater :)

  3. Never seen it. but glad you got to enjoy the show. good to get some details out of you once in a while, even if it is on your blog :)